At Chabad Double Bay we promote Jewish awareness and pride with over 40 events each year that are attended by thousands from around the wider community. These include Chanukah at the Bay, Jewish Street Festivals and monthly Saturday night Havdala services.

We offer adult programs ranging from a basic guide to Judaism and reading Hebrew to Jewish philosophy and includes visits by renowned overseas lecturers. Our Synagogue is welcoming warm and personal, striving to make Shabbat, festivals and Simchot accessible and meaningful.

Our ability to continue to offer these services, essential to the community, is thanks to your continuing generosity and support.

“Love everyone, help everyone,
bring every Jew closer to their Jewishness”

What we offer you:

  • Synagogue: A warm and personal Shule, where everyone is made to feel part of the family.

  • Adult Education: Torah wisdom to enhance your life. Taught in an comfortable atmosphere by our team of educators and fantastic guest speakers.

  • Community Shabbat Dinners and Lunches: Friendly people and gourmet food.

  • Youth Activities: Enjoy Shabbos programs, Bar Mitzvah Club, Teen events, Sunday excursions, overnight camps and ski trips, BBQs and more.

  • Unique Events: Friday Night Live, Chanukah at the Bay, Social events, Movie nights.