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  • Simchat TorahJoin us for Chabad Double Bay's Legendary Simchas Torah Celebration! Register
  • Sukkah on WheelsHop onto the mobile sukkah, Shake the Lulav and Esrog, Say a bracha, and have a lechaim in the sukkah! More
  • Sukkot EventsCheck out our upcoming Sukkot events and pre-book now! Learn More
  • Kol Nidrei Appeal"When you give Tzedakah, it opens up many channels of giving from heaven"

    -The Alter Rebbe
    Online Appeal
  • Stay with us this Yom KippurThe Intercontinental is offering a special rate for all Chabad Double Bay members who wish to stay over for Yom Kippur. Get our rate
  • High Holiday ServicesWe are delighted to provide our members with seats for the upcoming High Holidays!
    Please note, due to Covid restrictions, seating is very limited and pre-registration is required.
    Members/Seat Holders - Seat reservation
  • High Holiday ServicesDuring the High Holidays, the doors to heaven are open to all, and so are ours!
    Join us for a warm and uplifting High Holidays!

    Please note, due to Covid restrictions, seating is limited and pre-booking is required.
    Non Members - Purchase Seats here
  • MembershipOver the past 20 years our congregation has grown into a thriving Jewish community. Seats for our Shul are allocated over Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and this can be done for you and your family as well. Become a Member
  • Have a Sweet New Year!From our family to yours: Wishing you a happy & healthy sweet new year! Read More
About Us
“Love everyone, help everyone,
bring every Jew closer to their Jewishness”
At Chabad Double Bay we promote Jewish awareness and pride with over 40 events each year that are attended by thousands from around the wider community. These include Chanukah at the Bay, Jewish Street Festivals and monthly Saturday night Havdala services.

We offer adult programs ranging from a basic guide to Judaism and reading Hebrew to Jewish philosophy and includes visits by renowned overseas lecturers. Our Synagogue is welcoming warm and personal, striving to make Shabbat, festivals and Simchot accessible and meaningful.

Our ability to continue to offer these services, essential to the community, is thanks to your continuing generosity and support.
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    the Jewish people. How much do you know about her?
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When the Divine Light began its awesome descent—a journey of world to lower world for endless worlds, condensing its unbounded state again and again into finite packages until focused to a fine, crystallized resolution—it did so with purpose: to bring forth a world of continuous ascent. Since that beginning, not a day has passed that does not transcend its yesterday. Like a mighty river rushing to reach its ocean, no dam can hold it back, no creature can struggle against its current. If we appear to fall backward, to take a wrong turn, to lose a day in failure—it is only an illusion, for we have no map to know its way. We see from...
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