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Jewish Essentials
Ever bluffed your way through the  Shule service? 
Tired of not quite knowing what's going on?

Well here is your answer:

A 3 week couse on the basics of Judaism, including, everything you need to know about the Shule services.

Week 1 (August 20)- Essentials at Home:
Mezuzah, kosher kitchen, the how and why of a shabbat table
With Rabbi Dolnikov 

Week 2 (August 27) - Essentials at Shule:
- Understand the 15 most important Shule terms including: chazan, mincha, gabai, mizrach, molad...
- Learn about: how many tefilos, who established the tefilos, when to stand, when not to interupt...
With Rabbi Berger

Week 3  (Sept. 3) - Essentials Everywhere:
Beliefs and Ideas, Mizvos of the Heart, Tzedakah, Torah, 10 Mivtzoim
With Rabbi Berger 

Pop-Quiz, Continuing Learning Tools, Q&A


3 Thursdays - August 20, 27 & September 3 
TIME: 8pm
COST: $25 for entire course
Rabbi Yanky Berger & Rabbi Yisroel Dolnikov

email: admin@chabaddoublebay.com
or Call 9327 1644