Legal Proffessionals Edition

Comparative Studies in Jewish and Civil Law

  6 Sessions from February 23 - May 4 

Each session will discuss a challenging legal problem with a presentation by Rabbi Yanky Berger on the approach of Jewish Law and a lawyer on the approach of New South Wales law.

This course is acceptable for CPD Points  
and CLE Credits     

6 Mondays: February 23 - May 4, 6:30 - 8pm
At Chabad Double Bay, Kiaora Rd, Double Bay

Session Fee: $30 (Includes Dinner)

Week 1 - February 23: 
The "right" of killers to inherit from their victims 
Co - Speaker Vickie Harstein of the Bar

Can murderers inherit from their victims? This act of chutzpah is recorded in the Bible, and still crops up in court today. This lesson compares the approaches of Jewish and secular law to this audacious claim.
Week 2 - March 9: The law relating to finding
Your contractor demolishes a bathroom wall and discovers a rusting lockbox containing cash. You had no idea there was money stashed in the wall of your hundred-year-old house. Who gets to enjoy this unexpected windfall?
Week 3 - March 23: The passing of property on the sale of goods
You bought and paid for a car, but when you come to pick it up, it is already gone from the showroom. The absentminded salesman sold the same car to two people and is unable to remember to whom he sold it first.
Week 4 - April 6: Rights of pre-emption
Must neighbors must be given the first option of purchase of a property? Must one sell to their neighbor if there is a higher bidder? And just who is considered a neighbor in this context?
Week 5 - April 20: Wrongful dismissal
Under what circumstances can one legally fire an employee? When one terminates employment, is there any ethical obligation to provide severance or compensation?
Week 6 - May 4: Duress
An old business partner, who wants to buy your house, threatens to reveal information that could lead to your arrest if you do not sell it to him. If you agree to a sale under duress, is the sale valid and binding?